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Originally Posted by Mangar View Post
People need to realize there are different camps to the amiga community. A lot of people on this board feel Classic Amiga is the only Amiga and everything else is rubbish. I have no problem with that.

But there is still a healthy community out there with new projects in the works to improve on OS4. Firefox port to O4 amongst many others.

As I said, time will tell whether Hyperion is successful in their plans. However, according to their plans, this is just the beginning. They bit enough that they can properly chew it. They have a machine with modern power that offers something PC's and Mac's do not. This is a great first step. At LEAST they didn't just create a ppc board and plastered a name on it like others in the past.

On a final note, this machine has not just caught the attention of Amiga users but people from the XMOS camps. Linux people are intrigued about the Xena chip. This could be a fun machine to develop for. And that is where the hope lies. That development blossoms and demand for this machine increases.

I havent purchased an Amiga since my A1200. I passed on everything else because I didn't believe in it. But this I do because finally someone is taking the right approach.
This isn't unique at all. There's a dev kit which connects via USB here

I'm an embedded software developer who likes Amigas and this is totally underwhelming. It's a low end embedded chip tacked onto a dying CPU architecture (PPC) which isn't comparable to PCs or Macs which are shipping now. In six months time the gap will be even wider. I think any new machine needs a unique selling point (no being 10x slower and 5x expensive isn't a unique selling point) but this isn't. I don't get the point. At the very least it needs to be competitive with other desktop machines to be taken seriously.
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