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Originally Posted by Skirner View Post
yes i know, but its not always one quit with the "quit" key. as it's different key in lots of games, and some preffered keys are very hard to find on the pc keyboard.
That's why you have to spend a few time on the WUAE input config panel and learn/reconfigure your own keyboard. Once you've done this, the problem will be solved.

My advices:
  1. reconfigure WUAE<->Amiga keyboard
  2. use WHD ExecuteStartup and ExecuteCleanup tooltypes when needed (and you'll discover that many games need the "C:uae-configuration cachesize 0"
  3. reconfigure your S:WHDLoad.prefs file and use the 2 files "S:WHDLoad_start" and "S:WHDLoad_cleanup" automatically executed everytime WHDLoad starts and quits, if present in S:
  4. put a string like this at the beginning of your SSeq:"C:uae-configuration cachesize 8192 cpu_speed max" to avoid slow boot-up if you have to reset when your emulation speed has been degraded

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