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Originally Posted by Mangar View Post
When Hyperion and Amiga Inc. were in court battling over the rights I could not understand why they would even waste their time with all the lawyers fees. It did not make any sense.

Now it does. This is not an announcement saying they are starting a project. This was an announcement stating these machines will be available in the first half of this year pre-loaded with AmigaOS. This is not a motherboard being shilled as before. This is a complete system with a custom case. This is not your run of the mill junk PPC board. It has a slot for the XMOS chip and a new Xorro slot.

Although after all this time I can understand why you feel that way. We'll see soon enough that this machine is the best thing to happen to the community in 16 years.
I doubt it. I think it's something designed for some embedded purpose rebranded for Hyperion. The XMOS chips make 0 sense for a desktop machine IMHO. They're far too underpowered. I'm with Dave Haynie on this one. It's obsolete tech. The question remains as to where it came from.

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