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I'm using 2 A1200's now, I know how greedy of me!

The standard desktop A1200 (3.0 roms) that I got out of the loft 6 months ago (after its 5 years rest) now has an 8mb ram upgrade and runs th latest CWB ADV with the new IGame screenshots pack. Using this for WHDLoad games only and may try to set it up under my big screen TV and get soem joystick extension cables

My other A1200 I aquired recently and is in better condition (less yellowing) and has 3.1 roms. Have fitted a Typhoon MK2 40mhz 68030 with SCSI and have that running 64mb and CWB ADV SP with an extrenal CDRW connected to the accelerator via an adapter. This is setup on a proper Computer desk in my lounge with an LCD TV to view it on

Next upgrade will be an Indivision AGA

Long live Amiga's

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