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I understand the pessimism but this is a real machine. This isn't the crap released since 1994. There's a lot of potential with the Xena customizable chip. Someone associated from Hyperion said the processor will be much higher than 1.6GHZ. This machine could become a hobbyist's dream. Since this is Hyperion's first step in the hardware direction with more plans for the future why not support it.

I switched to PC back in 1994 because I didn't have much choice. Now, I'm seriously considering ditching the PC altogether. I can do pretty much everything I need on this new amiga box along with an install of linux. I have my android phone as well for mobile tasks. Why not just get a cheap linux box? I want to support OS4 and undoubtedly OS5. While development for OS4 is decent currently I think it will only blossom once these machines hit the streets. I use windows to play the odd game nowadays but I'm mainly using my xbox 360 for that.

2010 is going to be a great year for the Amiga community. If classic amiga is your thing I can understand not giving a hoot for this new machine. But for those of us who have wanted to see what AmigaOS can do on a modern machine will be very excited about its release.

Besides, the only people who require an intel processor are the ones running bloated software. That fact has never changed.

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