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Originally Posted by gilgamesh View Post
I bow my head in shame. You could rip a 64 bit 3.2 ghz PPC chip from a XBox 360, but it only has 3 cores.

Nevertheless, Intel gives you most bang for the buck. No doubt about that.

In order CPU rather than OOO I believe and m$ had to commission IBM to build it for them.

Go to IBMs website and see if you can buy one. Go to Freescale's website and see them group all PPC chips under microcontollers.

Go to Intel's web site and have a look at their roadmap. I think they're talking 32 cores in the next three years. I am no PPC hater. I own 3 ppc Macs. I think Intel and ARM (for embedded) are the only game in town.

Apple for all their clout couldn't influence the PPC roadmap enough to keep the CPU current for the desktop. Once Freescale start calling any cpu arch embedded it's gonna die a long and painful death like the 68k did

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