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Originally Posted by gilgamesh View Post
@frak_b: IBM uses PowerPCs for their blade servers. XBox, Wii and PSP3 feature PowerPC architecture. I think X86 is legacy hardware, not PPC.

There will probably be Linux on the X1000. An OS4 kernel developer more or less confirmed that. So there will be plenty of software. I can imagine a X86 Xorro card, too.

If you just want an original Amiga, then take WinUAE on a standard PC.
Can you right now buy a four core 2 thread per core 64 bit 3.2 ghz PPC chip?
Can you point to any in the wild? No? That's where Intel is *right* now and they aren't standing still. 1.6 ghz with 2 cores is unimpressive.

IMHO It's a dead end architecture. There's no market for desktop PowerPC chips anymore. Apple killed it stone dead. Freescale are pushing it as an embedded CPU now. It's dead as a dodo on the desktop.
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