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Well, as you all probably know by now that BoingBag 3 project has been finalized. As someone suggested, it could not transform itself into a moving target any longer, and thus a never ending project goal. So we had put some sense on it and declare it finsished.
But this doesnt mean that the idea of enhancing, updating and bugfixing AmigaOS 3.9 has ended. In fact it means we have to start again, with a new BoingBag, now named unofficial BoingBag 4. I believe there is still many things to improve on AmigaOS 3.9, and by the way we already have the first entry, a bugfix for icon.library.
Of course, as usual, you can get the latest updates and information on BoingBag 4 at

Happy New Year!

PS: Thank you @PeterK for your work!
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