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Originally Posted by pmc View Post
I'd be interested in a new type of Amiga and the newer Amiga OS and I hope it succeeds.

You *must* have useable and supported software to make it succeed though.

Not much point in making a new machine just to run an OS and not much point loading an OS just to stare at the screen.

Problem is it's catch 22:

Who'll use an OS with very little, or worse, no decent software?

Answer: not very many people

Who'll make software for an OS almost no-one uses?

Answer: not very many people, especially not those who run software companies and want to make money.

Still, don't want to be a downer so I'll be keeping my fingers crossed this succeeds...
With the way OS4 as it stands it could be aimed solely at people who run Netbooks... so it'll be pretty much a tye of Linux distribution that you have to pay for and which is rarely updated and probably lacks functionality when surfing websites which are in constant development.

This seriously sucks I think the whole thing needs rethinking in terms of how the software works and which hardware to target it to.

The quote I quoted above are from 2002. We are now in 2010. OS 5 is not in sight. OS4 has been upgraded to 4.1.

I can see OS 4.1 being the nail in the coffin as updates are like a stream bang in the middle of a desert. I feel kind of sad

At least we have WinUAE which can utilise x86 hardware and boot using a Linux distro or use within Windows et al. I guess it kinda defeats OS4 altogether?
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