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Originally Posted by Slayer View Post
You lot are never going to change, you keep focusing on what a new Amiga solution can't do instead of realising this will be a great system for THOSE who enjoy using AmigaOS4.x

I've always used AmigaOS and I'm very glad this is coming along... I have 2 SAMs and they are extremely happy about what is going on

You are all blinded by your mass misconception that YOU are supposedly the target market... Sure the DIE Hards like me are going to buy one already, that's a given, make that 2 actually LOL... But you are seriously incorrect if your choice to not buy one is worrying to the bigger picture...

This is where the Amiga is going to emerge again... just like I made my decision to get a cpu that had just been released in 1985/6 someone else will make the choice to get this new machine... It won't be the same market but people are still people and alot of people don't like being the same... anyway...

Gossip away and make fun of a potential turn of events some of you would support if you'd just get past what you expect from todays market and also your discontentment in your own choices of the past...

I've always been 100% Amiga User and I always will, AmigaOS and keeping it out of the hands of others is WAY COOL! heh

On another note this does raise a question for me... I mean, as I collect more New Amiga Hardware, is there really any point holding on to my 90+ classic systems... Do you have any idea how much money I could make if I merely got $100 per system? heh
I'd love to play with OS4 just for something different. Windows gets a bit boring after a while

If they just sold a complete solution for a fair price (it WILL need to compete against a Windows box, otherwise the market will be too small and no bugger will buy it and development will be sloowww).

This is the problem with it, Windows/Linux and others can do more for far less. The hardware (x86) is cheap. In a way the OS4 hardware is like the mac was before it was moved over to x86.

The only way OS4 will see a market boost is to drop the bespoke hardware idea and move it over to x86..... sales would go through the roof. But they won't do it for some bizarre reason. Maybe they have more money than sense or just can't be arsed to spend some time recoding it all....

and the vicious circle continues...

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