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It is a pain in the arse. If you know someone like FOL though, who knows what he is doing, then it is a breeze.

Concerning the portable amiga, how much would it cost for the end user? How long will it take before we actually have it in our hands?

SD card would be better imho, since it is swappable and easily replaced if it breaks. I already have a few of those I could use too.

If you can house all the features you are considering in a PSP case, then sign me up.
I would hope the cost would be below £100, it wouldnt take long to produce the hardware, a little time to port the software, but i would expect a working proto in 8/10 weeks from the start. Its not such a big project really.
The software has already been writen, it just needs porting over.
The firmware for the arm is simple and wouldnt take long (i have a lot of it done already from other projects) or we could just use the atmel sam, the code is already done.

So you can see its just a new board thats small enough to fit the psp, and use the lcd, and the dpads etc.

The psp has a sony memory stick socket already, would it make any sense to rip it out for an sd connector? Or just use the one already there?
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