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As a matter of fact, any adventure from the "Big 3" (Infocom, Magnetic Scrolls and Level 9) is worth the time you dedicate to play it, as text adventuring is sort of an art they managed to master.

Dungeon Quest is not quite special, but It's one of the few Amiga specific comercial releases I Know of (but I might be wrong about that!)

If anyone feels like practicing a bit of spanish you can try Aventuras AD classic titles, they were leaders of the field in Spain in the late 80's and Cozumel has always been my personal favourite among their works.

You can also use Amiga generic interpreters for standard systems (Inform, Tads, Hugo and the like) to play modern works (which are usually meant for specific virtual machines) like the mentioned Anchorhead. Any fairly accelerated classic Amiga should do, and some Z-machine games are even playable in a basic 68000 machine with 1 or 2 MB.

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