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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
There were a number of phone dongles, bluebox, redbox, whitebox being the most famous. When added between your phone / modem & computer (before the introduction of digital telephone exchanges) they could do something to avoid the call being billed to your home.

I dont know exactly how they worked... or why... or if they were very successfull I just know they used to use them
WOW!! Something Alexh doesn't know about......

You forgot Roxbox Ahh, the days of knowing the old AT hayes command set by heart and 38400 baud speeds on US Robotics Diamond Supra modems, (gets all nostalgic.....)

Ice Station Zebra, Lowlife, Twilight Zone, those were the days; there was a guy not far from me who had a Nintendo BBS...

Back when you could get American 1-800 free phone numbers, it was a lot easier. The idea of 'Blueboxing' was it could send a tone that triggered a dial tone on the old Bell analogue telephone network, from which you could dial into another BBS and it wasn't likely to be traced to you unless you really took the mick.

Since most phone networks are digital these days, I suppose it's nearest equivalent on t'Internet these days is proxy spoofing.
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