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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
In fact, all handhelds should get som dev lovin'. PSP seems well provided already (for some reason, despite it having a toolchain which is murder to set up, so I hear), so it would be nice to hear about the status of emus for Pandora->Wiz->GP2x.
It is a pain in the arse. If you know someone like FOL though, who knows what he is doing, then it is a breeze.

Concerning the portable amiga, how much would it cost for the end user? How long will it take before we actually have it in our hands?

SD card would be better imho, since it is swappable and easily replaced if it breaks. I already have a few of those I could use too.

If you can house all the features you are considering in a PSP case, then sign me up.
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