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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
That is not true, . This is always being said, myself and Gnostic were helping each other that was all. No other devs helped, who were involved in GP2x. Hell you could even say the PSP was neglected.

I would love some help with PSPUAE, as Im stuck with a few things. I would really love some help getting the ASM core running, then it should be very fast.
Ah, but I offered to help on the GP2x. Now that you work on the "non-ARM" platform, I can't really write any ARM asm for you, can I?

The portable with the freak CPU gets an asm core, eh? And all the ARM-based media players, handhelds, mobiles get none o' that lovin. What a strange world we live in.

If you do decide to look at a portback, please don't port the asm (if you know what I mean). Ask an ARM coder to code the core again, like I assume you did for the PSP.

In fact, all handhelds should get som dev lovin'. PSP seems well provided already (for some reason, despite it having a toolchain which is murder to set up, so I hear), so it would be nice to hear about the status of emus for Pandora->Wiz->GP2x.
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