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I finally got my monitor working right with resolution switches so now I can play the game. Didn't last long though. Stumbled across a freeware game called Crimson Lands. Basically a shoot everything game seen from above. Mission is currently to survirve as long as possible which gets quite hard when aliens are coming in from all sides and there's no such things as a health pack. Luckily you get perks when rising in levels, such as radioactiveness which hurts creatures too close to you and fastloader which makes you load your gun a bit faster.

The controls can be keyboard and mouse where you move around with the keyboard and aim and shoot with the mouse, or you can play it with pure keyboard and it will play a bit like Alien breed control wise.

Oh yeah an URL might be handy.
But that seems to be down right now. I found the game at on the news page, just scroll down. It's a 10MB download and the webmaster there has mirrored the zip file.
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