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I dont see 1.8" hdd as good option, HDD has movable parts, and for portable device - i do not recommend it. The microSDHC card is much cheaper, and read/write is enough for amiga emulation. current maximum size of microSDHC is 16GB, which is enough too.

About the USB, and external devices. If you want to add tv-out port, then the ports for joysticks (for mp games) and mouse can be great addition. I really dont know where the ports location should be, but maybe under the UMD cover is enough space. I really dont know, But I dont see much benefit of TV-out without using 2 joysticks/mouse/keyboard.
Tell apple that they put the 1.8" harddisk into every ipod video and they are portable, also a lot of mp4 players have them too.
Also a 32GB SD card is around £70 and a 40GB 1.8" HD is £35..

They are harder than you think.

The only problem i have with the keyboard/mouse is the size of the connector and where to put it... maybe another mini usb connector, then use a simple cable, mini usb<>2 ps2 connectors...? wouldn't be usb just use the connector because its small..
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