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Ghost In The Machine was a nice demo - thanks for pointing me towards that one Zetr0!

Ever tried loading that 22050Hz sample test demo on a real DTV or via emu...?

Takes a l-o-n-g time! So long in fact that it makes me wonder how hard the DTV has to work to do the playback - I'm no expert on it by any means but I doubt there's much raster time left to do anything jaw dropping at the same time.

In case you're interested - you should check out this prod which is for C64, not DTV:

You'll need to watch it on a real C64 to get the full benefit but these guys have written routines that play 8 bit samples back through the SID!

One of the tunes is a port of a .mod that was in Rebel's Vectory demo on the Amiga and it sounds exactly the same - amazing stuff.

Anyway - I'll stop posting off topic in this thread now.
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