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what will be the memory medium ? I think the best option should be microSDHC slot - microSDHC are cheap, and small. about the external devices, I recommend to use:
2 usb connectors - for digital PC joysticks
1 usb connector - for PC optical mouse
1 usb connector - for PC keyboard
together - 4 usb connectors, but the optimum way should be to use just one connector with external hub, so all devices can be connected to one usb via hub, the data rate of usb 1.1. should be enough to host all 4 devices.
I was considering a 1.8" harddisk, much faster and larger than the sd card.
External connectors are limited by the psp, it has mini usb (used for uploading games using mass storage), and i was gonna fit a tvout port as well.

Again as this is a games machine, do we need a keyboard and mouse?
The keys/joystick controls can be mapped to the dpads on the psp.
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