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@picman: I may not be a Brit :-) but us Greeks have "patent" as a synonym LOL
Some of you may already know that i have built the A600 lappie, so i guess i got some credit points there.. Anyway, do you sir, have the means and experience to design such a thing? Meaning, paper long-lines, sketches, schematics and materializing of what's drawn at the end of the day? I believe that the interfacing with existing hardware is the simplest task of the whole. If you can manage to design the main board, and do so with a means that will cost less than a Minimig -unless yours is loaded with a lot more features, then yes, you got a target group waiting! I believe that although the Minimig is a briliant device, the cost of buying it is a bit forbidding, since 20-30 pounds can get you a normal A500 nowadays. Ok, maybe the A500 hasn't got a built-in VGA out, PS2, card reader what-have-you, but when you weight it down it comes easier to the pocket. Of course it ain't portable.. but you never know!
I do indeed have the means to design such a device, and have already started laying out the main board. (I design PCB's for a living), the cost is another thing.
The fpga is £40 in one's, and the pcb would need to be produced in 100+ to keep the price sensible, but i still think its fesable.
I want to use this fpga because the cpu would fit in it too, so when we can get a 68020/30 core and aga its just a simple firmware upgrade.

I think to make the device and keep the cost to a minimum we would have to club together and buy the parts and boards in bulk.
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