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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
I know for a fact Top Gear 2 AGA/ECS was cracked 100% because I released the crackfix for the Prestige version 2 hours after it was first uploaded.

Top Gear 2 game uses different loaders for disk and HD, and I don't found version which works OK from disks and from HD.

Saint Dragon and Mega Twins have both been released 100%, same with Apidya SE.

I know only poor Skid Row (demo) crack of Saint Dragon, if you have good crack, please put this game online. Apidya SE was later cracked by WT, but I thinked about GOD crack.

I cannot comment on the other games, but one thing is for sure... you've got a VERY small list of games there, when the Amiga had THOUSANDS released for it.

That doesn't equate to 'lots' of bad cracks.
This list is incomplete.
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