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Heres a youtubie of [ Show youtube player ], I would suggest turning down the sound as amazing gfx/cpu coders they are, their ability to program the synth leaves a lot to be desired on this one.

pretty amazing Doom/Maze environment, in 2mb C64 128 colour DTV... pretty hot stuff!! I would love to get my head round coding an engine like this in asm for the dtv, I would love to do a land of lore -remake-esque with lots of rpg elements. damn that would be cool!

and I have a DTV too, got it for £4.99 from QD's in town... bargin! I am going to build it into a a portable DVD player with a broken rom drive, so thats comming out, mobo and keyboard in, hookup to composhite later and job done portable DTV64 notebook =D
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