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instead of looking at Faulty / broken PSP you could look at the MP5 (PMP) market

>Portable Media Players< (some can be sourced for around $60

here are some links from

Linkie 1
Linkie 2

Although its worth mentioning that the PSP shell can be bought for a little over £10 and the screen can be also bought for around £15.

(click image for BIN £11.99)

(click image for BIN £9.99)

(click image for BIN £17)

(click image for BIN £12.99)


There thats should get the creative juices flowing =D

Now I would love an FPGA Amiga-ness with 8mb fast / 2mb chip and large harddisk support, AGA can come later, after all 95% of the Amiga software library is OCS/ECS anyway.

Serial port
External mouse / keyboard support a must (usb or wireless)
TV out (HD/SD)
MIDI *for fits and gigles*
LAN *to say you can*

I also think that if you could bundle multi-FPGA soft-cores in ROM (like Megadrive / NES / ZX / NeoGeo / CPS1 / CPS2 ) this would indeed be a great

yeah.... if you could build that then Yummy =D

of course the biggest limmitation you will come accross is the screen resoution, the PSP screen is 480x272 pixels, fine for low-res stuff, but hir-res gets croped in the X and hi-res-laced gets brutalized in both X,Y
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