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instead of looking at Faulty / broken PSP you could look at the MP5 (PMP) market

>Portable Media Players< (some can be sourced for around $60

here are some links from

Linkie 1
Linkie 2

Although its worth mentioning that the PSP shell can be bought for a little over 10 and the screen can be also bought for around 15.

(click image for BIN 11.99)

(click image for BIN 9.99)

(click image for BIN 17)

(click image for BIN 12.99)


There thats should get the creative juices flowing =D

Now I would love an FPGA Amiga-ness with 8mb fast / 2mb chip and large harddisk support, AGA can come later, after all 95% of the Amiga software library is OCS/ECS anyway.

Serial port
External mouse / keyboard support a must (usb or wireless)
TV out (HD/SD)
MIDI *for fits and gigles*
LAN *to say you can*

I also think that if you could bundle multi-FPGA soft-cores in ROM (like Megadrive / NES / ZX / NeoGeo / CPS1 / CPS2 ) this would indeed be a great

yeah.... if you could build that then Yummy =D

of course the biggest limmitation you will come accross is the screen resoution, the PSP screen is 480x272 pixels, fine for low-res stuff, but hir-res gets croped in the X and hi-res-laced gets brutalized in both X,Y
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