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Portable Amiga anyone??

I have had an idea of producing a portable amiga games machine.

This will involve buying a faulty PSP, removing the main board, and replacing it with a new one.

The new board will have 32/64MB sdram, 1.6M gate FPGA, a 1.8" harddisk, and maybe a sd/sony memory stick.
It would utilise the psp's lcd, buttons battery etc.

The games machine would also be able to run retro games like pacman, defender, frogger etc.

It will be a port of minimig, with a full booting hd.

Would anyone be interested in such a device and is it worth the effort?

I have posted this on another amiga forum, but because i am from England, would welcome some comments from us brits.....

I welcome your comments.......
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