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Oh yay, more expensive "amiga" hardware that will collect dust.

I have my A1200 PPC tower of awesomeness, and that is its main task in life atm.

Is it just me, or is the idea of another amiga clone, something which isn't needed?

Whats the point these days of spending 500 euro, or whatever the price tag of this will be? I mean nostalgia and all that is good. But I don't see a business model for this?
Maybe I am just sick of the vapourware, of these projects hehe.

IMHO if Amiga OS 4.x was made to work on intel hardware, then I will be interested.

AROS is looking better all the time, with a lot of thanks to Icaros Desktop.

Amithlon was one of the best Amiga Emulators, for non-games. but alas, it is no more.

For old games, Winuae, or my own port of Uae4all to my ipod Touch does enough for me, pity Apple wont let me release it onto app store .

I just don't think AmigaOS as an OS, is worth it for a machine by itself, but tied with Windows or MacOSX, or Linux. Or running on a NetBook. Then I will be excited.
My 0.02c
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