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Hi thanks for giving it a try and for your comments.
I've updated the first post with a new version (v1.2) and (hopefully) more thorough instructions.
If you used the batch script before, please check the instructions again. Setting it up is slightly different now.

batch script:
- output a bit more information about the size of the pack and the specifics of the hardfile as it is being processed, just for fun.
- no longer doing a reorg on the generated hdf files. Reorg didn't make anything quicker on such small hardfiles and is just a waste of time during the batch process.
- tweaked scripts so that it all works without them needing the Script protection bit set. means you now have to 'execute' repackage. waal you probably unzipped the scripts under windows before so the Script protection bit was lost, sorry! this wouldn't be a problem now.
- tweaked the way 'unpacked size' is determined, before it counted the size of the files on disk once they'd been unzipped (including wasted blocks), now it gets the unpacked size from zipinfo before it is unpacked. should be slightly more accurate (by a few kb).
- added a bit of code to automatically skip a pack if it's unpacked size over 40mb as this has no chance of ever loading on WinuaeX. currently this means it skips only one pack, beneath a steel sky cd32.
- these changes are all just tweaks, the hardfiles generated by this version are the same as before. There is no need at all to re-batch your favourite game packs if you used a previous version.

boot disk:
- new feature to set extra WHDLoad options (e.g. custom1=1) before you start the game. see instructions for how.
- now makes use of xpk, xloadseg, and xfh so WHDLoad and kickstart 1.3 and 3.1 files can all fit on one adf. see instructions for how.
- tweaked TextView prefs.

You can overwrite the previous boot.adf on the xbox, it wont break any save-states you've made already.

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