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I agree - the systems requirements do seem a bit harsh.

Here is a quick review by myself.....

I have just had a quick play and the first thing that struck me was how much like Sensible Soccer (SS) it is.

By that - I mean all of the graphics and sound appear to have been lifted out of SS. You could call this plagurism, but I do admire the fact that someone has taken the time to write this - and maybe he just cannot do graphics. I am not sure how the guy's at Sensible would feel about this, but maybe it's a compliment on just how right they got the graphics for their game.

Now, I'd have thought in these modern times it'd be better to have SS sized graphics but with more colours, less jagginess and even more realistic sound - you could have megabytes of crowd chants !

The gameplay seems OK but I notice that a player with a ball is just a fast as a player with no ball - so if you're in possesion and are being chased you won't be caught - in real life you can run quicker without a ball.

You cannot control the goalkeepers.

I don't like the Kick-Off style passing.

It seems a bit slower than SS on the Amiga, but I understand the author is looking at speed issues.

Overall I'd recommend you try this if you are a SS fan. But if you still have an Amiga or get good results with WinUAE then I wouldn't recommend ditching SS yet !

I am assuming this game will be freeware ? I think it would be wrong to release as shareware/commercially because:

A - He would be making money by reselling graphics/sounds he hasn't created.

B - It's not good enough, and after all it is a lesser imitation of a 8 year old game that can be picked up for nothing.

But I will definitely revist this game once it is complete - it would be funny for me and my old friends to have a SS reunion party like the old days !
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