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Originally Posted by Jope
A man can dream of course, but it's healthy to be just a little bit skeptical about these things.

Originally Posted by Jope
Naturally if you guys intend to start coding for the Chameleon, then you have your money where your mouth is and my skepticism is uncalled for. ;-)

I'd be up for trying to make a demo using that cart. Not sure the cart would enhance my C64 skills enough to make it worth watching though.

Originally Posted by Jope
The DTV has been out for a long time and basically only Streetuff has done a few demos for it.
Yeah, very few C64-DTV demos - however, doing serious work on that device does require modding it to interface with keyboards and other stuff which is a bit of a blocker in my opinion.

In the meantime - dig this TRSI DTV release (it'll run in the VICE DTV emu):

I guarantee your jaw will drop more than once.
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