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I think stands for A=Amiga / eon=One..

"Amiga One" also look at this picture.

Could be a Multicore PowerPC CPU.

Now for the stuff i found that could be or could not be related at all :
I just tried to make something out of all these clues and riddles.

Guru Meditation numbers is HEX code i think
4E:45:4D:4F -> NEMO

Word ENIGMA could be from amiga demo "enigma" in that demo you see 1 line called "Firefox and TIP" hence the word Firefox (browser?)

then again Enigma in greek means "riddle?" and eon "forever?"

Then earlier i found this website which could mean something or just totally not?

On Monday, Dec 21, 2009, jorkany wrote:
> Cool announcement, bro.

Better put on your sunglasses bro, the announcement is about to set the
world on fire... the apple will tremble, the microsoft will shiver and
the linux will just evaporate into thin air upon impact.
Oh, wait..
I forgot my medication.

merry xmass

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