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Aarseth video is quite interesting, even when my "listening" english only reaches about 50% I can get most of what he's exposing!

Originally Posted by Photon
certainly it would be doable for one person to make an "story-based game engine" for Amiga - or portable - which storytellers and gfx artists can have fun with and plug in content. Why not try to get something like that started?
Yup, do existing Amiga adventure-oriented game creations tools fall into that category?

I mean, things like GRAC2, ACS or GRAAL in the graphic adventure field or CAG, ADMS, HATRACK, or VISIONARY in the text-only one. An entry for this Christmas game comp is a GRAC2 adv, and I took a peek into the text-adv tools to see if they were OK for my own project, although I finally opted to go for Amos.

Modern Interactive Fiction authors (you know, those guys making text adventures and hanging around r.a.i.f ) are still debating where their works actually incline to. Being a predominantly textual medium, they are supposed to be closer to story than game, but the closer they go, the less "interactive" and more "static" their fiction gets. That's the kind of issue I had to deal with writting my little text adv from scratch with Amos instead of using any of the available tools. What I did in more than two programming Amos weeks I could have achieved in a couple of sessions with Inform (whose interpreter runs on any 2.x+ Amiga) but then I decided that would make more sense for an Interactive Fiction comp, not an Amiga programming one, and Amos would give me more freedom with display layout.

In order to finish in time (which I finally couldn't ) I had to do a lot of cheating in the plot. Make some objects appear only at certain moments, starting cascade events automatically instead of in a more detailed and realistic way... not to mention it's buggy, crashy, lacking in vocabulary and quite poorly written in broken english!

I don't know up to what point the problems writting the story for a text game are the same for a graphic one. The "language" and the mechanichs involved are really different and what works in one medium is likely not to do in the other.

Any good old Infocom games fans out there?


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