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Sounds interesting, if something comes out of it, like a YT vid or something, please share

Originally Posted by pubzombie View Post
I am going to take an amiga 1200 into work as i believe the miggy years were the high point of narrative games. I think we had better story based games then, before we all became sidetracked by graphics technology and big budget mainstream gaming.
I got tired of adventures about the same time as Leisure Suit Larry; I was age 16; I'd read thousands of books and could see through my anglophilia to see that the stories weren't very well-written. I think a lot of people just got tired of the pace of the game; picture+scene description+at the mercy of some programmer who wants you to do illogical stuff to get to move on.

But it really had nothing to do with quality, more to do with that NEW game types had appeared, which I spent just as much time on, but felt more rewarding.

So I think the story-based games were dying (as in becoming die-hard fan games only) already in 1988 or whenever it was. I mean that other retro games with other interfaces, styles, and pace have ... well, not aged better, since a good game is a good game and adventure style can't really be improved with a big budget or horsepower but the others have kept some part of the gamedesign that still has appeal.

Ie. I don't think that in the case of adventures (and not even all other old games) we got "sidetracked by 3D" or whatever, I think the problem is the gamedevs did And ofc, most of them make games for money and the money went to the "current hottest thing". SNES killed the Amiga!!!! etc.

There's nothing stopping someone from making a nice 2D game or a nice adventure, certainly it would be doable for one person to make an "story-based game engine" for Amiga - or portable - which storytellers and gfx artists can have fun with and plug in content. Why not try to get something like that started?
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