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Hey hey,
thanx for the input chaps.
@falcon - yes you have a point there bro. The PC saw some truly impressive storytelling games. i agree Fallout [and fallout2] were truly awesome and moved games into a new area. I will be using Fallout and Fallout 2 as the students will all be aware of Fallout 3 without ever playing the first games, and fallout tactics. Thank you. However, i think we had a period in earlier gaming history that was characterised by the freedom and willingness to innovate in games development. It was a time unfetered by huge corporations trying to emphasise the fact that their games had the best graphics - my point perhaps is that the less technologically driven era saw devs free to experiment, and that during this time technological limitations meant that there had to be more emphasis on gameplay and as a result there was more experimentation in storytelly methodology. For me - and this is personal opinion due to my gaming experiences - this period was best encapsualted in the commodore years. It was during this period that the seeds were sown from which the mighty oaks of Fallout etc were grown - errrr,,, i think I have not played DOTT but will look it up.
I also agree with you regards the 'railroad' effect and cutscenes. emergent narrative [ie player created narrative] always feels more satisfying to me. cutscenes have to be very good to work [ie rockstar and GTAiv etc] but even then feel like they are trying to borrow to hard from other established forms of narrative like film. And games aint films - the whole point of games is that they are not linear. The film industry is old now, and established, its had many years to develope form and method, gaming needs to catch up and break away from copying narrative methodology from other media - wonder where we will be in 100yrs and gasming has had as long to develop as film has now? Again perhaps there was more of a gap between gaming and other media back in the day when graphics and technology were weaker - again just throwing mud at the wall here and seeing what sticks. In terms of emergent narratives and player created stories MMOs such as World of Warcraft must be pretty near the top of the list? I mean people play WoW religeously and make their own stories that the developers have nothing to do with? Making and crafting? playing the economy? falling in love? even getting married etc etc?
@ Marcuz - yes I agree, game strytelling is hardwaork for player and developer and the complete packaging does effect this. I mean look at the original Elite! Braben and Bell wrote a massive booklet to go with the game that included instructions that had no bearing on actual gameplay and were just there to emerse the player in the narrative that they [ the player] were constructing. I cant think of many more games that did this? perhaps Wastelands and its make your own adventure type booklet [forrunner to Fallout] and Mass Effect? Yes i remeber the SSI bits of paper too, also I used to love the stuff that used to come with microprose games too. Funny you should mention the make your own adventure series as I was going to use a whole load of these in the workshops to help teach the principle of emergent narratives and get the students thinking about quest and story arcs. this i feel would work well with examining the Fallout 3 game and startegy guide - the collectors edition is over 600 pages in lenght and really opens up the soul of the game for us to see.
Never heard of Perihelion. Going to look it up now.
agree with you regards Lucas Arts - especially the starwars games.
Monkey Island may be a good one however? was it LA? or did i dream that?
@Adropac2 agree with ther too matey.
Are when we talk of good old retro games just 'old men drooling over their youth?' i dont know sometimes when I load up an old game i feel that way but then other times i feel totaly the oposite. Especially when i play old multiplayer games, multiplayer games that require you to actually be sat next to the other player and create stories together. Alien Breed? Speedball2? Super Skidmarks? Archon? Adept? - even a game of Chess tells a story - a minimal one, but surely its still a narrative of a war or battle?
never played Dues Ex because i never had a pc to run it at the time.
will get a copy asap
Never played Anachronox either - will look it up now too.
I really do miss the loving presentation of manuals and boxed goodies we used to get with games.
we still get them! however, they are called strategy guides these days and we have to pay a lot extra for the pleasure.
Thanks for the input guys you really have given me a lot to think about and have made some really pertinent points. When i have written a few lectures i will gladly make the slides available if you pm me.
Thanks for your time dudes and feel free to chip in - us retro gamers have a wealth of experience that younger gamers simply missed out on.
to all us drooling old men
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