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Originally Posted by Methanoid View Post
So basically there arent any?

Decent browser? Photo editor? Word Processor? Spreadsheet? Game? HD Media Player?

You seem to be rather of the fan-boi ilk. I love my Amigas as much as most here but you've got to be realistic.

but for real world use it will be OSX/Windows/Linux for 99.99% of us...
Methanoid, I beleive you have misunderstood the point / irony in my last post. I completely agree that AOS (in any form) is nowhere near Win/Mac Linux for everyday use. All I was intending was to highlight the naivete of the "But it runs OS4" argument, which many OS4 users cant seem to see beyond - of course it's nice, but when it comes to everyday stuff, the main basic apps are sadly lacking - basically there aren't any. In other words I was taking the pi$$.

As for my PPC on an A1200 - I meant that if I had a PPC cardI'd run AOS 3.9 for compatibility with the "classic" Amiga apps/utils/games. Nostalgia if you will - as that is the reason I got the machine in the first place. Whats the point of a new OS that wont run any of the old stuff ?

Of course I will probably get flamed for it, but I hope you see now that I'm certainly no fanboi. I do love my Amiga, and I beleive that new hardware is a good thing but there is really no "platform" beyond OS 3x..... I really cannot see the point of having an orphaned OS with no backward compatibility and no development beyond the "hobbyist" community - its just a cynical cash in by Hyperion (or whoever owns it) and X hardware company looking to flog 5 year old (or older) PC/Mac bits as a "new Amiga".

Of course there will be some people who will buy into it - good for them, but sadly I think their loyalty is misplaced.

If it were possible to run OS4 on x86 hardware, then I might be interested (and no I don't mean emulation) - its cheaper to buy than some new fangled exclusive "Amiga" Motherboard.


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