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Originally Posted by asm1 View Post

1) OS 4
2) OS 4
3) OS 4
4) OS 4
5) OS 4
6) OS 4
7) OS 4
8) OS 4
9) OS 4
10) OS 4

Thats about it. As I've said before, I can't see the point. Especially as the majority of "Amiga" users have a win/mac/ linux box to do productivity on. Even if I had a PPC card for my A1200 I would probably stick with OS 3.9 due to the availability of useable software.
So basically there arent any?

Decent browser? Photo editor? Word Processor? Spreadsheet? Game? HD Media Player?

You seem to be rather of the fan-boi ilk. I love my Amigas as much as most here but you've got to be realistic.

I even tried AROS and its fine as an OS but have you looked at the browser? All you'll do is boot it and reminisce (sp!?) but for real world use it will be OSX/Windows/Linux for 99.99% of us...

Its sad but true..

And Natami (coming back to topic) won't be a daily machine for most. Thats if it meets that Summer 2008 date
Now the i
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