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Originally Posted by Adropac2 View Post
I find the best most deeply burned stories are those that were minimal - and not just in the sense that they didn't have much story - imagination is the most powerful tool devs have at their disposal and they hardly ever use it these days
I don't think minimalism is key (Planescape is an example of the opposite that still sears the mind; it has lots of dialogue but many choices off set that). But I do believe in player input in game stories.

Old games are fondly remembered for their great presence in our mind but it's not always the great playability that has preserved them
Honestly, the great presence could just be "youth". Experiences in youth can leave and often do leave much deeper impressions in the mind than experiences in adult hood, though it is not always true, because it depends on the intensity of the experience. I read a rationalist once called Spinoza who said something like, "one intense impression that becomes strong in the mind can only be over ridden by a more intense impression, that pretty much replaces it." Umm, or something. :-)

More is definitely less in the form of the majority of games these days - not likely to change either
So you mean it should be "less is more" as in "less narrative can be more narrative because the player has the oppurtunity to augment his/her imagination with the story line", instead of that "rail road effect". In which case this is what I said, just put another way.
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