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Hey all; I was just idly reading this thread, and it gave me the idea to cross reference my old cupboard full of Amiga stuff against the Amiga Magazine Rack whilst I had a little spare time... and I think I have some of the coverdisks that are missing from the Rack, but I've no way to make an .adf file from them any more. My old Win ME machine was able using a second 3.5" drive, but I've not found another way since... I've only got an old, very battered and I'm not sure if even working any more A500, and none of the cables needed to try Transdisk.

So I was thinking, if someone from AMR or some one trustworthy who'd pass the files on to the community wanted to PM me, I have the following two discs; I make no guarantee they'll work, as they've been in a cupboard for the last 10 years or so!

Amiga Format Disk 117a: Fiasco 2.2, ViewFonts2 and PoolMem

Amiga Action Disk 3 (May 1995): Sensible Massacre 2 and Demon. (SM never, ever worked on my A500 even back then)
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