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Great storytelling games

Hi Folks,
thought i would start a new thread about this.
I have a new job teaching games development and i am running two courses about games narratology. One course covers storytelling in games in general and the other course looks at storytelling in RPG's and MMOs.
I am going to take an amiga 1200 into work as i believe the miggy years were the high point of narrative games. I think we had better story based games then, before we all became sidetracked by graphics technology and big budget mainstream gaming.
I have already decided to use some miggy classics such as Beneath a Steel Sky, Alien Breed games [they borrowed so nicely from cinema and the success of Aliens] and the Cinemaware games It Came from the Desert and Wings.
i want to run these on some original hardware rarther than emulation but will give the students the option to emulate just incase too many of them want to play on the miggy.
the 1200 is unexpanded [ ican use my expansion card from my 'new' amiga technologies miggy if needed] and i have a pcmia flashcard reader and workbench lite boot disk. I also have a paid up version of WHDload so I can use that if needed for compatability issues.
Just wondering if any of you guys in EAB land could recomend any games that were innovative in their storytelling tecniques or were just special for some reason that you think younger gamers who want to work in the industry should be aware of??????
cheers for your time chaps
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