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Just tried the Windows version. Nice game, although I think the intertia is a bit over the top. But then again, so was the original, so I guess that's why it's in this one as well. Not fond of the level codes though, I'd rather just have a level selecter that unlocks the levels as you complete them.

Another thing I didn't like was that the levels ending with Giana just wandering off screen. That's kinda anti-climactic when you finish the level and you're just awarded with some text on screen and a code. I'd rather they had Giana walk into a building or something, like in the original. At least, the levels ended like that in the original.

But these are just minor details in an otherwise nice game. Although I missed the original music in the levels, wish there were some remixes. But it's a game that's installed on my computer, and one that stays installed.

Now to order Giana Sisters DS... the official sequel. Wish they would release the original on Wii VC though, seeing as Nintendo obviously don't feel threatened anymore.
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