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Originally Posted by Cammy View Post
If someone running an Amiga emulator would like to take some better quality screenshots of the title screen and gameplay for any of these games to replace the ones on this page, I'd really appreciate it.
There go title screens for Xmas Disaster and Santa Montana. I think they are the only missing ones, as Sam & Max and Dwarves do not a have a title screen and the rest are already there. If any other is needed just drop a post here!

I think Santa Montana is the rigt screen, as I can only see it after being defeated (this title screen appears corrupted in all my Amigas, real or emulated, on loading the game but displays fine later on)

ECS and AGA versions of Glass Ball Factory only will load in my setups booting from 3.9. Under WB 3.1 they will freeze, so I guess they use some 3.9 library. Other than that the game works OK (and is a lot of fun in hard level!)

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