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Interesting to know that you use 8 Colors only on your workbench. Are all of them MWB-colors and are they all locked or just 4 fixed WB-colors and 4 free pens?

You mean if I use Fullpallete,etc ? -No! and no magicicons color either. But I like my Wb.

at the moment there are still 4000 lines waiting to be rewritten in optimized assembler code.

You make me (and possible all the people here) think that with some motivation you could do some kind of utopicbench, twice faster and twice lighter.

Hmm, how can 8-color icons look better? I always thought that IconBeFast would improve things only with more than 32 colors...

I don't know > E-mail sent.

Thanks for your library and HappyNew Year!
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