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Great, will try it (even tho I'm sure that it works for you and then it should work for me)...

I meant that since "keycombos" can't be mapped (i.e. Ctrl+PgUp = increase volume) there aren't many "spare" keys to map functions to, if you have a standard keyboard without media keys etc. I could use the numpad keys ofc, but they are actually used in Protracker, much more often than f.ex. CapsLock is used in AsmOne

So with basically only F11 + keygroup above arrowkeys + ScrollLock, Pause and NumLock left, it would be nice if all those worked like any other remappable key.

I.e. if you can remap PC PgDn key to Amiga CapsLock, why not use NumLock as [ and ScrollLock as Caps, for example.
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