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Originally Posted by Methanoid View Post
Very true... sad but much as we'd probably all love to have AOS back, it cannot compare to Windows/OSX/Linux for software base.
Compare for what though? Apart from the activities I mention anything else is in a 5% minority anyway. There are only certain things a typical user needs to do, and even Google knows this but I can't talk anymore about that sorry due to NDAs.

This time is the first time since the 80s of multi home computer standards where you can use anything to get through the day and it can address the needs of 95% of the world's computer users. Windows is just didn't realise that codecs and flash/java killed it silently while it was counting its profits and made any OS redundant.

OS4 does all those activities I mentioned, perhaps Rodney's surname is Trotter

edit: WHDload isn't important to me @ whoever said that, a bonus but not essential. I never had HD installed games like 99% of Amiga owners worldwide so I'm not missing anything technically.

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