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Originally Posted by rhester72 View Post
With all due

Sometimes we tend to lose sight of the fact that an operating system is a *utility* - merely a means of lauching _real_ apps and doing routine "housekeeping", nothing more.

There are various bells and whistles designed to make things load faster, look prettier, etc., but in the end, all that matters to me is the breadth and depth of the available software library...and like BeOS (which I considered architecturally vastly superior to Windows 95/98), the sad truth is that OS4 has no apps to speak of (certainly no "killer app") and will never have enough market penetration for anyone outside of niche hobbyist programmers and the independently wealthy to develop for.

It really is awesome that OS4 can be rebooted in ten seconds. Trouble is, once having done so...what then? See my point?

sorry but I disagree. As a laptop engineer today's laptops in some ways are LESS powerful than a 5 year old Dell Latitude D810 simply because all people do with their computer is...

Surf the web
Watch movie files
Listen to music
Talk to others (MSN etc)
Photo related tasks
Go in chat rooms

etc etc.

So whilst the OS IS a tool, Windows is made by tools

I can't abide any kind of bad programming, and an OS on a machine with 2gb that chugs on virtual memory and randomly crashes is pathetic 25 years after the work of Dr Tim King.

The only other thing PCs do is gaming, and anyone with half a brain will own a 360 or PS3 for 1080p gaming already

As a tool OS4.1 IS superior to I care that I need a Win XP laptop with a real GPU to play Battlefield 2? Not really....I'm willing to sacrifice

(try running 2005 copy of Battlefield on a new integrated intel graphics laptop with 3gb of ram and Core2duo and see how far you get)
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