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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
I have to agree with Galahad, sure, there were cracks that didn't really work but well, I still say the majority of the cracks worked fine. And as you also say, many were fixed back the in the day once it was found they didn't work properly so they still count as working cracks in my book.

[Project X SE]

What was wrong with the Ministry version?

Perhaps missing checksum. Don't kill first boss very fast, and you can see crash. Without trainer is almost impossible to kill this boss without crash.

[Silmarils games]

Most of them were cracked by Mok and I don't remember any problems.
Not all Silmarils games are cracked by Mok, f.e. Ishar I AGA, Transarctica AGA. Also Robinson's Requiem is bad cracked, it always crashes in dungeons, original version never crashes in dungeons.
Here is a liitle update:
Dragons Flight
Deep Core
Amiga Soccer
Ultima VI
Maupiti Island
Feudal Lords (game bug or crack bug)
Apidya SE
Burn Time ECS
Railroad Tycoon
Top Gear 2 AGA/ECS
Fate Gates Of Dawn
Simon The Sorcerer
Silly Putty
Mega Twins
Nicky (Boum) II
Saint Dragon
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