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ProcessIcon {f} Workbench:fun/IGame/ CDT CSS CTT
Please send me a copy of "" to pkeunecke(at)alice-dsl(dot)net .
I don't know what *.Slave and game.Slave is, but I guess it's not important for reproducing this issue.

The icon I use as source is very short, 256b inc Tooltypes etc, and I made it in IconEdit. The Icons-destination are whdload icons.
Unfortunately, IconEdit still has a lot of bugs, even though it's probably not responsible in this case since the older icon.library works for you. Ok, it seems that whdload needs these "game.Slave" files.

Interesting to know that you use 8 Colors only on your workbench. Are all of them MWB-colors and are they all locked or just 4 fixed WB-colors and 4 free pens?

If you also make use of NewIcons, which version of newicon.library is installed on your system. There are 3 different versions from the NewIcons 4.6 package and two emulated newicon.libraries v44.3 and v45.0 (OS 3.9) by Stephan Rupprecht.

With 45.1 everything works ok. I ask if the size of your icon library is 28676 (weird to me, because it's almost half the size, icons looks better and it's a lot faster)
No need to worry about the size, there's sooo much badly written code (unnecessary and redundant instructions) in the original icon.library that it just melts down the more I'm replacing of it with my own routines. But at the moment there are still 4000 lines waiting to be rewritten in otimized assembler code and my motivation is already very low to finish that job.

Hmm, how can 8-color icons look better? I always thought that IconBeFast would improve things only with more than 32 colors
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