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Well, I use Caps very seldom, but Ctrl pretty often And I code in WinUAE very seldom, but thought I'd give the new cycle-exact mode a go. Actually I'm just editing some sources (it helps to have NotePad++ next to WinUAE for efficiency), it would be strange if you were correct and nobody ever throughout history wanted Ctrl in that position before...? I feel so alone sometimes

On the other PC I have a USB mini-keyboard, and it has a dipswitch to put Ctrl in the right place, so it was never a problem there.

Ctrl works in Caps Lock position, Awesome

However, I've remapped Capslock to 2 keys: Num Lock, Scroll Lock, and both work as a shift key instead. I.e. you have to hold those keys while typing to get capital letters.

Side note: Pause seems to be hard-coded too - I tried remapping it to Level 7 Int (which works fine for the Program key btw!) but it still paused emulation.

I'm also one of those strange individuals that remap alt-keys to windows-keys and vice versa - because on Amiga keyboards, Amiga keys are next to spacebar, which might not be the case on PC keyboards... not because it's absolutely necessary, but because I don't do much Amiga-coding on PC and it's very confusing to adjust to the flipped keys! Works fine.

(If you want, I can make a separate thread - but I also noticed that clicking the window close-button or Alt-F4 when in the WinUAE debugger ends WinUAE - even if I've set WinUAE to only exit on Ctrl+F11. I know I should type the debugger quit command, I was just confused - BLONK - everything gone!! )
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