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Originally Posted by gordonbennett View Post
I am intrested in getting this but cant find the answer to my question.

I want to get the Indivision CD32/4000 Version for my CD32 with SX32. Will the fact I have a expansion interfer in anyway? Will I need to mod the case in anyway with or without expansion?
Pics on amigakit with how it sits here;

I've just put one in mine. You won't be able to put the shielding back unless modified. I'm leaving mine off now though

If you use an SX32 I would definelty put some form of insulator on just as a precaution so that it never shorts on the main PCB. (not sure what the SX32 looks like on the underside where it goes into the CD32...

You will need to modify the case to fit the SVGA plug properly for the Indivision..

Other than that, great piece of kit
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