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I made a Button in Dopus4.16 that does the following:
ProcessIcon {f} Workbench:fun/IGame/ CDT CSS CTT
Rename *.Slave game.Slave

The icon I use as source is very short, 256b inc Tooltypes etc, and I made it in IconEdit. The Icons-destination are whdload icons.

Sometimes works well, other times the pic of the .info is erased

My WinUAE has a config similar to Amiga4000, but with 65megas Ram and no fast ram. The Wb is with 8colors and noromupdates. clean Startup-Sequence

With 45.1 everything works ok. I ask if the size of your icon library is 28676 (weird to me, because it's almost half the size, icons looks better and it's a lot faster)


Originally Posted by PeterK View Post
Hello cybernoid,

could you please give me some more detailed information on the particular instructions of ProcessIcon with your options that won't work for you.

I've just tried these instructions from the shell:
1. ProcessIcon newicon reficon cdt
2. ProcessIcon newicon reficon css
3. ProcessIcon newicon reficon ctt

with the icon.library 46.4.129 and all seems to work so far for me.
So, what's going wrong on your system?

Maybe, you could also supply the icons in question? Thanks!

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