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Data Logger Utility for Amiga

Hi folks,

my first post here, but hello anyways! I've to 2 data logger apps for the Amiga 1200, one which can log bicycle speed in KM/h (more accurate than mph - needs a bit of hardware building also) and a parallel port data logger capable of logging a radio controlled car race via a eight switch ssytem connected to the parallel port - tested extensively and used within a radio controlled car club some, err, 8 years ago now.

Both apps work, the cycling one would need some effort to develop the documents for the hardware to interface the data from the bike to the Miggy on my part, but if there is any interest why not!

Incidentally, the data logger can detect up to 64 Km/h quite well, image to follow of a typical graph - up to 90 mins of data can be logged - or 120 mins if you have a 2 hour magnetic tape.
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