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If ToEE would have had a higher (not much at that) cap for levels and experience, some more external dungeons / areas to the temple and no bugs, it would have been a masterpiece.

scripted encounters are great, the story is cool, all the different possibilities (ok they were written already in the original pen and paper campaign) IMHO made it way superior to the whole BG saga.

graphics were more beautiful than Bioware' / Black Isle' games of the same period, characters were not so encoumbering and tedious, meaning they were defined more by their behaviours (for instance the evil cleric, or the drunken fighter) than by obnoxious (to me) backstory and chat.

fighting was ok, imagine my stupor the first time i was eaten by a frog!

enemies and bosses are cool!

it's just a pity it was so unstable and bugged and sometimes unplayable (elemental nodes) because of not so great coding.

to me it's one of the best RPG ever played, surely one of the best stories.

if such a depth of scripting was applied to a whole large world (imagine for instance the moonsea area of a Pool of Darkness' game) plus a playable and modern engine, that, and not a all in all watered down Newerwinter Nights, or a imho, lame Dragon Age, would be THE paragon rpg for a decade.
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